Motivational Speaking

Subrena motivational speaking picture

Image: Subrena sits on a panel, speaking into a microphone. She is surrounded by other speakers.

Subrena is British-born with Grenadian heritage. Subrena is an individual living with a dual physical disability diagnosis of Chronic inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP) and Spina Bifida Culta. She has 12 years post-qualifying experience in the social work profession, is an HCPC-registered senior social worker with 19+ years experience working within the health and social care sector. She has an understanding of change management, prejudices, and self fulfilling prophesy.

As a motivational speaker, she discusses themes pertaining to self-development, self-help, and unlocking your inner strength and power.

She is often described as an individual that is wise beyond her years and her ethos for life is "The biggest challenge is not the barrier, but choosing whether to walk around it, move it, go above it, or love it."

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