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Video: Ruth is seated at a table being interviewed by Subrena about being a black women who is also visually impaired.

"Living with a visual impairment while being a proud africain woman"

For black history month, I took this opportunity to interview Ruth regarding what is means or her experiences of being a black women with a disability.

Through my discussion with Ruth and others it appears that if you have more than one protected characteristic you are faced with predicament of choosing which one is more important.That choice seems to be steered by the area in your life where you have experienced the most physical or attitudinal barriers from societies structures.So if your barrier or positive/negative experiences have been regarding're focus will be race, as it would be if it is relating to disability or gender, etc.

Retinal Dystrophy is not one single condition but the general name given to a wide range of eye conditions (for example, Retinitis Pigmentosa). 'Dystrophy' means a condition that a person is born with, 'retinal' means relating to the retina - the light sensitive film at the back of the eye.