Disability Life Coaching and Mentoring

Subrena and mentoring group

Image: Subrena poses in front of a STUBs poster with three clients. One is a wheelchair user.

STUBs Disability Life Coaching and Mentoring sessions can be accessed via group workshops or one-one-one sessions, providing individuals with support to facilitate the many transitions associated with disability. Individuals are also supported to develop coping strategies required in areas of education, employment, relationships, and disability subject matters.

We aim to create a platform to encourage, educate, empower, and provide mutual support for individuals with disabilities and those made disabled, via internal or external stimui.

Sessions are founded on humanist principles of psychology. Heavily influenced by strength-based perspectives and psychological theories, as well as perspectives pertaining to transition sessions, it will encourage self reflection via interactive exercises, discussions, and aspects of talking therapy.

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