A photo of Subrena

Image: Profile shot of Subrena smiling. At the bottom of the image, the writing says: (STUBs) Striving Towards Understanding Barriers

Subrena Joseph

  • Senior Social Worker / Acting Duty Manager
  • Founder of Disability Life Coaching (S.T.U.B.S) Striving Towards Understanding Barriers
  • British (Grenadian Decent)

Ethos: "The biggest challenge is not the barrier, but choosing whether to walk around it, move it, go above it, or love it."

There are 11 million people with a disability in the UK. Over 80% of individuals acquired a disability later on in life, while 20% were born with a disability. It has also been reported that approximately 8 in 10 people feel they where not given adequate support to cope with their disability diagnosis. Barriers have been reported in relation to continuous change management associated with disability, feelings of isolation, grief, loss, and development of coping strategies in correlation to one's life's journey.

Disability Life Coaching, Striving Towards Understanding Barriers (STUBs) was created to provide a platform to building awareness, understanding, and motivation. Posts, blogs, and informations are geared towards supporting the development and independence of the person with the disability and their support network.

At STUBs, we offer disability awareness training, support to complete PIP application forms, consultations, disability life coaching and mentoring, and motivational speaking.

Subrena is an HCPC-registered social worker with 19+ years experience working in the health and social care sector. She has held several roles in the field specialising in working with individuals with disabilities of all ages.

Academic achievements include:

  • BA (hon) Social Work (2007)
  • NLP Diploma (2011)
  • MA in Child Centred Inter-professional practice (2014)
  • Certificate Life Coaching (2016)
  • PgCert Practice Education (2017).

Subrena is an individual living with dual physical disability diagnosis. She was diagnosed with Spina Bifida Culta at age 9 and a rare condition called Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Poly-Neuropathy (CIDP), an autoimmune disorder, at age 24.

Subrena is founder of STUBs where she offers disability life coaching, mentoring sessions one-on-one or in groups, disability awareness training, consultancy and motivational speaking. Creating a platform to encourage, educate, empower, and provide mutual support for individuals with disabilities and those that are disabled through internal and external stimuli. Her practice is founded on humanistic and strength-based psychology principles and perspectives.